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Assalamualaikum . Bonjour !!

Welcome to AL MARWA PERFUMES. Pure French & Oriental fragrances. Alcohol free. Since 2013 !!

All products are made in France. Our french factory used the finest materials in producing our goods. Namely materials such as Rose from Turkey, Jasmine from Egypt, Violet from France, Vetiver from Haiti Island & etc. We have selected the best French & Oriental fragrances for our customers. Premium quality perfumes at competitive prices. Our perfumes are pure without additives or solvent thus retaining the best aroma and achieving customer satisfaction. Nowadays, most of the perfumes sold are mixed with solvent / D.P.G " white oil ".

We are perfume lovers and has been our passion for so many years. Our main purpose is to provide premium quality perfumes at competitive prices. As our Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him. said " Two things of your world were made lovely to me, perfume and women, and the coolness of my eyes is in prayer." Hadith

Enjoy your shopping with us !!

AL MARWA PERFUMES by Almarwa Enterprise

Company registration number 002163270u  SSM Malaysia